Your vehicle was towed by VIP Towing & Recovery at the request of the owner of the property where you vehicle was parked.

Please remember that we only towed your vehicle because it was in violation of the rules set by the property owner for safety and insurance purposes. We understand that having your vehicle towed is an inconvenience and we are here to help you get your vehicle back in a timely and simple process.

Fees & Payment Information

• Hook Fee:

Hook Fee Vehicles GVWR
(Gross Vehicle Weight Rating)
$203.90 Up to 10,000lbs
$234.48 10,001 - 19,000lbs
$316.05 19,001bs - 33,000lbs
$356.83 33,001lbs +

• Drop Fee: $70 - $140 Depending on GVWR - Only applies if vehicle hasn't been removed from the property.

• Mileage: The monthly mileage charge is adjusted monthly by the PUC.

• Daily Storage Fee: $30 & Up (Depending on vehicle) per calendar day - first day is accrued at time vehicle reaches impound facility.

• After Hours Release Fee: $66 - Appointments to pickup your vehicle outside of normal business hours can be made by calling our 24 hour dispatch.

• Administration Fee: $150 - Applies to all vehicles left in our impound facility for over 48 hours. This fee covers cost to notify all owners, lien holders, and proper authorities of the vehicles as per state law.

Accepted Payment Types:
• Cash (Exact Change Only)
• All Major Credit Cards
(Owner of Credit Card Must Be Present & Have ID)

What to do if you think you car has been towed?
If think your vehicle has been towed first contact the local Police Department on their non-emergency number and ask them if you car has been reported as towed. All towing companies are required to report vehicles to local authorities within 30 minutes of towing the vehicle.